We live in this world of puppeteers and marionettes

of wooden tongues and painted smiles

of strings and scissors.

It is your duty as the puppeteer or marionette

to know what is your role on the world stage

when performing for the revered audience.

Are you controlling the strings?

Manipulating minds by using your scissors

and putting your words into a marionette’s mouth.

Or are you controlled by them?

Fed the stories by wooden tongues

and enraptured by the painted smiles.

Or, perhaps, you are a member of the audience

the most knowledgeable of all,

Ever knowing the fate of the naive marionettes

Ever aware of the evils of the puppeteer.

Yet the show goes on.

You merely spectate,

silent and astute.

Then, before you are fully aware,

It is the end of the world of puppeteers and marionettes.

The strings have gone limp

Their masters have succeeded

And the revered audience walks away

with a smile, without a soul.

3 years ago
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  1. aelfsciene said: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT’S NOT GOOD? I love it. It’s such a great concept.
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